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Personal Information

Name: Daniel TANG
Nickname : (Supr)Combo
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 14 Feb
Place of birth: Hong Kong SAR, PRC
Blood Type: O+

Horoscope: Aquarius
Spoken Language: Cantonese(Native), English
Facebook: Daniel Tang

General Interest:

Sport: Hiking, Swimming, Running, Cycling
Entertainment: Video Games, Movie, Shopping, Computer
Food: Ice-cream, Japanese food
Anime/ Cartoon : Cyber Formula Series, Doraemon Series, Doraemon
Movie: Artificial Intelligent (A.I.)
Music: POP, R&B, Blue, Classics

  • Westlife - My love , Trademark - Only Love
  • Michael Learn to Rock -That's Why you go away
  • Carpenters - Yesterday Once More, 
  • Final Fantasy (Orchestral) Series

  • Educational Background:

    Primary :

    Secondary :

    Tertiary :

    Past Works:

    Personal fun works:

    Age 8-12: BASICA: Bus simulation, Library simulation.

    Age 16-18: Quick Basic : DOS Menu System

    Age 19-20: ASP: Membership system of

    2009: (iPhone) I want CASH

    Personal web works:

    1995-1997: Sega Saturn Online

    1998-1999: Super Combo Online

    1999-2000: SuperCombo Xtreme

    2000-2001: ComboVision - Neo Imgining Space (Beta)

    2001: ComboVision - my real life

    Current: Daniel Tang Personal Web

    Working Experience:

    1997 Summer: Swire Coca-Cola Co.,Ltd. - Gift Exchange Staff (Temporary)

    1998 Summer: BMB Karaoke Box Main office - Clerk (Temporary)

    2000 Summer: - Exhibition Staff (Temporary)
                                Polaroid - Promoter (Temporary)
                                Vision Power Networking - Web Programmer

    2001 Winter (Summer in Australia): Global CM - Telephone Clerk (Temporary)

    2003: EMC Corporation - Software developer

    2004-2005: The Laws Group - Programmer

    2005-2006: The Laws Group - Assistant Business Analyst

    2006-2010: Hang Seng Bank - Assistant IT Project Manager - Private banking system

    2010-2011: Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Analyst II

    2012: DBS Bank - Assistant Vice Presisdent

    Current: HKICL - Application Architect

    For detail, please view the detail in LinkedIn profile.

    (C) Daniel Tang. All right reserved.

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